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Room 609

the 6 and the 9 are for 69 and the 0 is for 'Oohhh

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If you were there, you know just how good 609 can be.
i suppose this community is here to encourage further bonding between the illustrious occupants of that fabled room....use it as you'd like...you know, plan that 10 year reunion or simply vent the sexual frustration you feel now that you don't have us around anymore.
"caress me now", "sex and candy", "what i got", 42 dollar tips, adam, albertsons, anything sexy, bed olympics, ben, bodies, carolyn, chris, crepes, crrrazy elevators, cuddles, danielle, devon, emma, free busses, ga, guys in drag, half brick-half wood-half-tiki rooms, hormones, ice, jevin, kate, kissing, making out, moaning, nakedness, orgasmic anything, orgasmic showers, peter, riva, sexy lingerie, slightly fermented things, slippery bathtubs, spin the bottle, those poor maids, toplessness, twisted sheets, wolf men